The Leaning Tower of Dallas' Former Site Will Now Be Home To A Drive-In Theater

Leaning Tower of Dallas on its final day of destruction
Photo credit (Sybil Summers/ Entercom)
By 98.7 KLUV

It seems like eons ago, we were all watching for the now-infamous "Leaning Tower of Dallas" to fall. In reality, it was just February of 2020.

After a failed implosion and an incapable wrecking ball couldn't topple the building, it finally came crumbling down in early March. The company who bought the land has plans for a 3.5 acre multi-use complex called The Central. One of the new features will be a drive-in theater owned by Rooftop Cinema Club. They'll be ready to open by August 25, 2020. Here are the COVID-19 protocols and a schedule of events.