Watch The Moment A Loose Truck Tire Smashes Into A Jeep On The Highway

Blown out tire on side of highway
Photo credit (todaydesign/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus)
By 98.7 KLUV

Imagine riding down the highway in the passenger seat, you casually glance over and in the lane next to you, THERE'S A ROGUE FREAKIN' TIRE!

That's precisely what happened to YouTuber @iamtaiboogie earlier this week in New Jersey. At first, Tai and the driver marvel at the wheel rolling in the lane next to them. Then, shizz got real. Somehow the tire picked up speed, crossed multiple lanes of traffic, hopped the median, and smashed into an oncoming Jeep!

The Jeep's driver, John Rice, said he was a little sore from the airbag deployment, but he's thankful the runaway rubber didn't impact the car in front of him, which was carrying his wife and children. Watch the insane video. 


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