Three Boys Bought Flowers For Every Girl At Their School

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By 98.7 KLUV

If you lived in a small town, buying every girl at your school a flower would be no problem, but these boys went above and beyond. 

Three boys at Summit Trail Middle School in Kansas saved up all their money to give every girl that walked in the building a carnation on Valentines Day. These boys didn’t just bring a ton of bouquets with them to school; they brought full buckets of flowers. 

Eighth-grader Tristan Valentine, seventh-grader Kyan Rice, and sixth-grader Lincoln Homes showed up early to school Thursday morning to start passing out flowers to all the girls that walked in. 

The boys told KMBC, that they just wanted the girls to feel special. “We worked hard to make sure it was going to be a surprise to everybody. I only told a few friends, and the girls seemed surprised and happy. We wanted every girl to feel important and special on Valentine's Day." 

Every flower they passed out had a little message attached to it saying either “Happy Valentine's Day” or “Hope you feel special today”. 

The boys did their best to make sure no one was skipped. Plus they didn’t just give all of the girl’s flowers but the teachers as well. In total, the boys passed out 270 flowers to students and 70 to staff members. 

The boys’ principal, Dr. Sarah Guerrero posted a picture of all the students with there flowers and saying how proud she was of her three students. "I’m proud of the boys but its parents like ours that instill these values in them. They deserve all this recognition and more!”

This was probably the sweetest Valentines Day ever at Summit Trail Middle School.

Via: FOX 4 News