Watch This Dog Run A Record-Breaking Mile While His Owner Tries To Keep Up

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By 98.7 KLUV

Dan Wehunt may not be a household name, and that's ok. His dog Odess, however, needs to be. They ran in this year's Dog Mile World Championship and broke a world record for the fastest mile. Odess is a German Shorthaired Pointer, who's 4 years old. They (together) almost ran a sub-4:00 mile. 

Uh. It takes me around 9 minutes to run a mile. I get that most humans can run 4-5:00 miles, but OMG. 

When asked about the sub-4:00, Dan said, "“I’d love to go sub-4:00”. “During the race, I was surprised to hear someone call out our 1200-meter split was 3:00, so we were on pace. But it was me who held Odessa up the final 400 meters. She had no problems with the pace.”

We don't deserve dogs. 

Here's a video right before they took on the competition: 

High five Dan, and Odess!