Woman Given Wrong Prescription Accidentally Rubs Erectile Dysfunction Cream Into Dry Eyes

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By 98.7 KLUV

A woman is Glasgow, Scotland went to a doctor complaining of dry eyes.

She was prescribed VitA-POS, an eye ointment for severe dry eye and corneal erosions.

Unfortunately, the pharmacist that handled her prescription accidentally gave her Vitaros, a cream for erectile dysfunction.  Of course, she had no reason to believe her prescription was incorrect, so she used the cream as she was instructed.

She put erectile dysfunction cream all over her eyeballs.

Unfortunately, that only made things worse, and she suffered further chemical injuries including blurred vision, a swollen eyelid, and redness.

Doctors treated her new injuries with antibiotics, steroids, and more lubricant, and she recovered in just a few days.  She still experiences corneal erosions, however.

The identity of the woman, nor the pharmacist has been released.   Dr. Magdalena Edington, from Glasgow’s Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology, said that while this case is uncommon, this cast is particularly unusual. She said, “It is unusual in this case that no individual, including the patient, general practitioner or dispensing pharmacist, questioned erectile dysfunction cream being prescribed to a female patient, with ocular application instructions.”

Via NY Post