Uhhh Nope, No One Wants Crocs With A Fanny Pack

Photo credit (Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus)
By 98.7 KLUV

Crocs are still some of the most controversial shoes around. There are people who love them, and there are people that literally hate them. The people who love them say they’re the most comfortable shoes they own. While that may be true, they aren't necessarily pleasing to the eye.

And then this happened...just when you thought Crocs couldn't any uglier, they channel their inner dad and add a fanny pack.

Crocs just teamed up with a Japanese company called Beams to create a newer, hipper look. This version of the Crocs have some bonus storage on the back...not one but two mini fanny packs.

By the way, these bad boys are gonna cost you around $53.