1 in 7 Americans admit they will be drinking liquor on election night

Fourth of July, American Flags, Drinking, Party
Fourth of July, American Flags, Drinking, Party Photo credit Getty Images

This coming Tuesday is election night, and half of the country will end their night incredibly excited. The other half, not so much.

Regardless what side of the political aisle you fall on, chances are you'll be cracking open a cold one all the same.

A new survey found that 26% of Americans will be drinking beer on election night, 23% will be drinking wine, and 15% will be going straight to the hard stuff and partaking in some liquor.

Along with imbibing election night, 46% of people will be eating junk food, and 42% will be eating pizza.

Also, one in eight people say they will be enjoying some of the wacky tobaccy.

Via NY Post