Amazon confirms you don't actually own any of the Prime content you "buy"

Amazon Prime, Video, Smartphone
Amazon Prime, Video, Smartphone Photo credit Igor Golovniov / SOPA Images/Sipa USA

The world is moving away from watching movies DVDs and Blu Rays to streaming only.

Of course, Amazon Prime is a big player in the streaming game, because not only are hundreds of movies available to stream immediately, you can purchase movies and TV show to watch at your leisure.

Unfortunately, whatever you "purchase" on Amazon Prime, you DON'T technically own.

A woman filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon earlier this year for unfair competition and false advertising, where she claimed that the company "secretly reserves the right" to end a customer's access to content they purchased.

However, Amazon retorted that it is NO secret, and you don't actually purchase the content, but a "limited license" that will allow you to stream it, as long as its available on the platform.

So if you love a movie, and have it on Amazon Prime, might be a good idea to buy the DVD or Blu Ray anyway. Just in case!

Via Hollywood Reporter