You can apply to become the "official ghost" to haunt this century-old theater

Theater, Seats, Ghost
Theater, Seats, Ghost Photo credit Getty Images

The Regent Theatre in Prince Edward County is looking for a ghost, and YOU can apply!

The century-old theater is not currently haunted, to the best of their knowledge, but they are offering the chance to BECOME the official ghost of the theater.

For just $25, you can purchase your way into a drawing for the honor of being the official ghost of the Regent Theatre.

Chair Ben Thornton, of the Regent Theatre Foundation Board, believes that every "self-respecting theatre" should have its own ghost. He says, "All the grand old theatres in the world, in London and New York and Toronto, they all have ghost stories attached to them. Phantoms haunt the stages and the dressing rooms and scare the audience, so we thought, well, why not here?"

The theater is trying to raise money to help balance out the funds lost due to the pandemic. You can enter the drawing to become the official ghost of the Regent Theatre HERE!

Via CTV News