Axl Rose Debuts New Music As ‘Looney Tunes’ Character

First new track from GNR frontman in 10 years

It’s confirmed. Axl Rose’s first new song in a decade will be featured in a New Looney Tunes episode on Boomerang sometime this year.

The 2-minute track is called “Rock the Rock,” to go along with the plot of the episode. It finds Bugs Bunny and company using loud music to try and stop an asteroid from destroying the Earth.

The preview video shows Axl fronting a rock band that features Bugs on guitar, Porky Pig on bass and Squeaks the Squirrel on drums.

“Turn it up / Make it loud / Get your guitar ready to scream!”

The track sounds more like an AC/DC song than a Guns N’ Roses song. Axl of course has fronted both bands on the road over the past several years, but he seems to be back with GNR these days. The band just wrapped up a highly-successful tour with original members Slash and Duff McKagan. Fans have been hoping a new album was next, and this new Axl track has them wondering ever more.