Cher Wants to Volunteer at Her Local Post Office

By 98.7 KLUV

Next time you get the mail, it may very well just have been delivered by Cher.

With the contention currently surrounding the Postal Service, the actress and singer put a call out to Twitter to inquire if it was possible to volunteer at her local post office.

"Can ppl volunteer at post office?" she asked her nearly 4 million followers before assuring them that she wasn't kidding.

She then took matters into her own hands and called two offices in Malibu. "I said ”Hi This Is Cher. I Would like to know If you ever take Volunteers⁉️" she wrote on Twitter.

She was redirected to a supervisor who said that they unfortunately do not accept volunteers.

A spokesperson for the USPS confirmed they do not accept the volunteers, but told CNN, "there are many opportunities for employment at the Postal Service, including seasonal hiring."

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