Cowboys fan shoots TV following loss to Cardinals


Things are not going well for the Dallas Cowboys this season, and one fan took it to the extreme after Monday night’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

A video surfaced online that showed one fan going as far as to shooting his 55-inch television as the Cowboys fell to 2-4.

The video, which can be viewed by TMZ Sports here, begins with the fan losing his mind over the loss by chugging then chucking his beer at the TV. He follows up with a couple of punches of the TV, cracking the screen before toppling it over onto the ground.

That is when he pulls out a .380 handgun and fired five shots into the screen, with the music and sound cutting out.

That, is what we call, an overreaction.

Luckily, it appears as if no others were harmed in the destruction of the TV.

While things may be bleak for the Cowboys, they are still 2-4 in the NFC East, unquestionably the worst division in football, which means their playoff hopes are still alive despite all that has gone wrong.

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