DFW doctor publishes book celebrating mothers working in the medical field

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By 98.7 KLUV

Dr. Amy Ho is an emergency room doctor at both Baylor Hospital in Dallas and John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

When she began her career, she was often told there would be no room in her life for being bother a doctor and a mother. Ho recalled, "When I was in medical school, all of my female mentors told me that you have to pick family or you have to pick medicine. That was like really terrifying as a young female. I loved medicine so I said I am going to do this and I am going to figure out the personal life later."

The words stuck with Ho, and throughout the pandemic, she began seeing women and mothers in medicine in a completely different light. She said, "I felt they had a story of saving lives at work and creating lives with their family that wasn’t something that was ever said. This was a book for me that wanted to celebrate them."

So, she wrote that book! Is Mommy a Doctor or a Superhero?, hoping that people convey the story as a way of celebrating women, and empowering the younger generation.

Ho also sees this as a "thank you" to all the women in medicine who are "doing it all." She said, "I look at some of my colleagues that are also homeschooling, preparing the meals, helping their spouse at home who are working from home. Doing that all day and then coming in for a night shift to save lives? That’s when I knew that this was a story that needed to be told about them."

Is Mommy a Doctor or a Superhero? is available in English and Spanish.