Study finds "dim, romantic lighting" in restaurants can make your food taste worse

Restaurant, Lights, Lighting
Restaurant, Lights, Lighting Photo credit Getty Images

Chances are the classy restaurants you've been to set the mood with a little "mood lighting."

Well experts say that dark lighting in a restaurant can actually make your food taste worse!

Business and psychology researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands gathered 138 participants to eat a four-course meal at a restaurant under various lighting conditions. The participants were told they were testing a new menu, and were asked to fill out a survey at the end of the meal, rating both “taste intensity” on a scale of one to nine and the dining room’s lighting.

Turns out, the actual lighting of the restaurant has an effect on how good the food tastes!

Researchers told The Telegraph, "Guests in the bright ambient light condition rated the overall taste as more intense as opposed to guests in the dim ambient light condition. The illuminance level was perceived as equally pleasant in both the bright and dim ambient light condition."

So it turns out the brighter the light, the better the food! Who knew?!

Via NY Post