Fired from America - 1/19 to 1/22

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1/19 - Teen arrested after trying to flee police in stolen ambulance after stealing four rolls of Mentos
A 19-year-old woman. near Allentown, Pennsylvania attempted to steal a couple of packs of cigarettes and four packs of Mentos candy from a gas station.

1/20 - Drunk driver tells police he couldn't stop because he was driving too fast and he "would have crashed"
18-year-old Nicholas Debetes had a couple of run-ins with the authorities last Thursday. Apparently, a Brevard County deputy tried to pull Debetes over for speeding earlier in the day, but the teen sped away and couldn't catch up.

1/21 - Thief tries to hide in stranger's apartment by shaving and cooking tortillas in an attempt to fool police
32-year-old Leobardo Hernandez was tracked down by police driving a stolen vehicle this past Saturday morning. Hernandez wasn't going to be taken in by the authorities that easily however, and took off running, finding refuge in a nearby apartment complex.

1/22 - Naked Florida man steals police car and crashes it into the woods after officer stops for help
A Jacksonville Sheriff's deputy pulled over to the side of the interstate after spotting a naked man who he thought needed assistance. Well after leaving the vehicle, the naked man pushed the deputy aside, headed straight into the deputy's vehicle which was still running, and took off.