Fired From America - 10/26 to 10/30

Miles in the Morning

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10/26 - Florida man calls 911 to report aliens, so he wouldn't go 'Independence Day' on them
28-year-old James Fleurant told the police that the aliens he saw were "little ones flying low to the ground.” And really, Fleurant called the police to deliver a warning to the aliens.

10/27 - Police catch restaurant thief napping in bathroom next to beer and half-eaten cheesecake
When police arrived at the 808 Bar and Kitchen, they were immediately able to apprehend one of the men suspected of breaking into the restaurant, because he was sleeping in one of the bathrooms.

10/28 - Florida man arrested after throwing pumpkin on girlfriend following argument
According to the police report, Garisto was "heavily intoxicated" whilst the couple argued, and refused to leave their place of residence when she asked. That's when he threw the pumpkin.

10/29 - Woman upset with cable company tries to take refund with a crowbar
Nobody wants to deal with their cable company, but still, there's a certain decorum that must be met when dealing with the representative. And nine times out of ten, it does not involve a crowbar.

10/30 - Man threatens to burn down apartment building after prostitute runs off with his $25
A 53-year-old man from Wales recently met with a "woman of the night" and paid her a hefty sum of $25 for some "attention."