Fired From America - 11/09 to 11/13

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11/09 - Florida woman drives truck into lake after hotel would not offer free breakfast
Florida woman Marlo Walton would not accept that the Extended Stay Deluxe hotel in Jacksonville, Florida was not offering a free breakfast.

11/10 - Florida woman busted for "self care" outside 7-eleven caught "committing" same offense outside Popeyes
On September 30th, Vanessa Lee Jones of New Port Richey, Florida was caught in front of a 7-eleven convenience store partaking in front of a little "self care." To only make matters worse, she was also in full view of a man and his nephew.

11/11 - Florida man who stole a cop car tells police he was on a "spiritual journey"
Recently, 20-year-old Duncan Smith of Gainesville, Florida was on a self-proclaimed "spiritual journey."

11/12 - Man uses face mask to pick the lock of his handcuffs and escape police custody
After arriving at the jail, McLeod was given a face mask, of which he used the metal nose guard to pick the lock on his handcuffs to try and make his escape.

11/13 - Florida man paroled after felony battery on 7-Eleven clerk with Slurpee
Back in July, Brian Duffy of Pinellas Park, Florida was arrested for assaulting a clerk at a local 7-Eleven.