Fired From America 11/30 - 12/04

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11/30 - Man has tire stolen from vehicle and replaced by frozen turkey
A Milwaukee man called the police early last week with a report that someone had stolen a tire right out from under his vehicle.

12/01 - Drunk man punches cab driver while screaming Chappelle's Show "I'm Rick James" quote
50-year-old Paul Kijek of St. Petersburg, Florida got a little too drunk at a bar this past Saturday and was called a cab to take him home.

12/02 - Man driving stolen SUV calls police for help when he runs out of gas
We don't like to give too many tips to people involved with Fired from America, but here's some free advice: If you're driving a vehicle you just STOLE, it's probably best NOT to call the police for help.

12/03 - Mayor seen throwing crack out of car window during high-speed chase with police
As an elected official there's a certain level of decorum you should maintain throughout your daily life. You represent the people, and should act accordingly to represent that fact.

12/04 - 'Considerate thieves' redirect traffic with cones before blowing up ATM and stealing all its cash
While we do not condone these fellas in Philadelphia for their actions, we can still appreciate their concern or the safety of the general public.