Law firm holding contest where couples can win a free divorce on Valentine's Day

Husband, Wife, Couple, Divorce, Paperwork
Husband, Wife, Couple, Divorce, Paperwork Photo credit Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV

Valentine's Day is just under a month away, and unfortunately some couples will be spending the romantic day by getting a divorce.

For couples in Crossville, Tennessee, a law firm is actually holding a contest where you can win a FREE divorce on Valentine's Day, because they realize some people have "reached their breaking point" during the pandemic.

The Powers Law Firm wrote, "After we've endured the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, a nation divided during election season, some people may have reached their breaking point and they need a way out so we are offering them an opportunity to move on with their lives." And since the cost of divorces can start at $1,150, the firm wanted to help those couples split amicably without worrying about the price.

The contest is available only to couples living in Tennessee. Interested couples should email the firm explaining why they want a divorce by February 15, and the winner will be selected February 19.

The Powers Law Firm says the divorce must be agreed to by both parties and, should involve little or no child custody issues.