Man goes to doctor with depression over wife's affair; turns out the wife was sleeping with the doctor


A few years ago, an Oregon man visited his family doctor looking for help with his depression.

Pierson Tone of Bend, Oregon had grown depressed after his marriage fell apart after learning of his wife's affair, so he booked an appointment with doctor Ronald Rosen in order to get both counseling and a prescription for his depression.

This is where things get tricky.

It turns out that Tone's wife was actually having the affair WITH Rosen! According to the official complaint, Rosen and Tone's wife had been together for an "extended" period of time.

As a result, Tone has filed a $2.9 million lawsuit against Rosen for professional negligence. The lawsuit states, "As a result of (Rosen’s) conduct, plaintiff sustained emotional distress including … the loss of his marriage and emotional and social destruction of his family."

Via Oregon Live