Man sentenced to jail after calling 911 24 times in 45 minutes just to burp

Man, Dialing 911, Smartphone
Man, Dialing 911, Smartphone Photo credit Getty Images

Prank calls are usually not a smart idea. Prank calls to 911 are NEVER a smart idea.

28-year-old Rhys Pilott in the U.K. apparently didn't get the memo because last October, he called "999," the British equivalent of "911," 24 times in just 45 minutes to do nothing but burp!

And the thing is, this isn't his first run-in with the law for this type of incident! He was arrested earlier last year for causing a similar public nuisance, but was let go early for good behavior.

This time, Pilott won't be so lucky, as he was sentenced to six months in jail for his prank calls.

Superintendent Mike Branston said, "Individuals who feel the need to abuse the 999 service in this way should consider how they would feel if a loved one needed emergency help but couldn't get through."

Via Sky News