Man steals $1,000 in items from Walmart by scanning Kool-Aid packet hidden in palm of hand

Self-Checkout, Grocery Store, Scan
Self-Checkout, Grocery Store, Scan Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Florida man Bradley Young almost walked out of his local Walmart with $1,000 in merchandise that he did not pay for.

Young brought multiple expensive items, including a scooter, a GPS navigation system, and even $160 worth of batteries to self-checkout. Young scanned each item, but each time actually scanned the tiny packet of Kool-Aid drink powder he had hidden in the palm of his hand.

So when all of his items were finally "ringed" up, what should have cost Young $994.13 actually set him back $24.44!

Unfortunately for Young, the loss prevention officer recognized Young from one if his previous attempts to rob the store of merchandise this past August, so he didn't make it far out of the store before being arrested by Naples police.

Records also show that Young is a convicted felon out of Ohio.

Via NBC-2