These are the most popular dog and cat names in 2020

Did your pet make the list?
Dog and cat in christmas decoration. Happy new year and merry Christmas!
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By released their annual list of the most popular pet names. There's been an uptick in pandemic-related names like "Covi", "Rona", and "Corona". For the first time ever, "Fauci" is also a trendy one.

In DFW, they narrowed the top five dog and cat monikers by gender. Did your furbabies make the cut?

Top 5 Male Dog Names
1. Max
2. Cooper
3. Charlie
4. Buddy
5. Bear

Top 5 Female Dog Names
1. Bella
2. Luna
3. Sadie
4. Lucy
5. Daisy

Top 5 Male Cat Names
1. Oliver
2. Leo
3. Simba
4. Loki
5. Oscar

Top 5 Female Cat Names
1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Kitty
4. Chloe
5. Lucy