Watch Rebekah Black on Kelly Clarkson's show

Our own Miles in the Morning scream queen told ghost stories with her podcast partner Julie Fisk.
Logo from Rebekah Black's and Julie Fisk's podcast 'Haunted AF'
Photo credit Rebekah Black and Julie Fisk/ Haunted AF

In case you missed it, our very own Rebekah Black from Miles in the Morning was featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show today! Earlier this month, they talked about her upcoming appearance on Kelly Clarkson's Halloween-themed episode.

Rebekah hosts a podcast with local media maven Julie Fisk about all things scary. It's called Haunted AF, and the pair successfully turns horror into hilarity. Donning adorably eerie costumes, Rebekah and Julie frightened Clarkson with their ghost stories.

After their appearance on the daytime talk show, Rebekah and Julie also got a shoutout on NBCDFW's evening news.