Some Texans will see electric bills as high as $17,000, here's what to do to if your bill soared during storms

Man paying electric bill
Man paying electric bill Photo credit Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV

Because of the severe weather last week across North Texas, your electric bill may be higher than usual. In fact, it may be SIGNIFICANTLY higher. One Dallas man revealed that his bill climbed to over $17,000 because of the storms.

So what should you do in case your bill has soared because of the severe weather?

According to WFAA, Oil and gas attorney Chrysta Castañeda says the first thing you should do is turn off auto-pay options on your bill. She says this will give you time to contact your energy provider, understand what you owe along with how your bill is calculated, and protest it if you so choose.

She said, "Don't panic, have patience and gather your information ... If the contract between providers and generation companies allows them to pass on the costs to the retail customer, the electric generation companies will pass it along. That's the downside of a deregulated market."

Castañeda also encourages folks to call your state lawmakers and voicing your concerns.

Those impacted by the winter storms can also apply for federal disaster assistance HERE. Or you can call 800-621-3362 for more information.