Houston woman gives strangers homemade cards at airport to help spread kindness

Homemade Card, Stamp, Woman' Hands
Homemade Card, Stamp, Woman' Hands Photo credit Getty Images

In the midst of the pandemic, Houston woman Catharine Knight figured out a way to help spread just a little bit more cheer.

Knight hand-makes and distributes cards to strangers in order to uplift their spirits through these tough times. Heidi Botkin was flying solo with her three children when she received of one of Knight's homemade cards. She said, "I was super stressed, so, yeah, that was a nice little pick-me-up.

Knight told CBS News, "I just want somebody’s day to be better. I really just want to make the world a better place.

Knight and her son Parker have been writing messages for strangers for three years now. To date they’ve written 25,000 notes to uplift others!

Via Good News Network