Woman upset with cable company tries to take refund with a crowbar

Crowbar, Floor
Crowbar, Floor Photo credit Getty Images

Nobody wants to deal with their cable company, but still, there's a certain decorum that must be met when dealing with the representative.

And nine times out of ten, it does not involve a crowbar.

Florida woman Dahianna Serraty went to her local Spectrum cable store seeking a refund. Unfortunately, the agents working behind the counter would not oblige the 34-year-old, so she did what she considered the next best option, and went out to her truck to grab her CROWBAR.

Serraty went back into the store, brandished the tool, and even pried open the cash register herself! Well the first register was empty, so she went on to the next one! Serraty grabbed the $510 that was sitting in the register, and left the store.

An employee was able to capture Serraty' license plate, so by the time she got home, the police were already waiting for her.

According to the arrest report, and employees at the store, Serraty had come in twice earlier demanding a $103 cash refund for services she was no longer using, but grew angry that she was going to have to fill out paperwork because cash refunds are not given out at the store.

The third time she came back she was yelling "Where's my money?!," and said she was going to get it "one way or another."

Serraty was arrested on charges of robbery and criminal mischief, and held on a $10,000.