Alligator dubbed the 'Dollar Store Gator' removed after residents throw glass, rocks at it


A 10-foot alligator was removed from a creek near a Dollar Store.

According to The New York Post, nearby residents started throwing glass and rocks at it.

Officials in Port Aransas, Texas, responded to concerns that the alligator was getting too comfortable with humans.

The estimated 400-pound reptile, dubbed the "Dollar Store Gator," had been seen lurking in the city since the summer and may have been in the area for almost two years, according to

“He’s been showing up on and off for months to the point where half the island was feeding him, and the other half was throwing things at him like glass, rocks and other items,” Richard Gleason, the city’s animal control officer, told the outlet.

“No matter what though, he just wasn’t leaving," he added.

Licensed trappers caught the alligator on Monday, and relocated it to Country Adventure Park in Beaumont, which serves as the home to more than 450 rescued alligators and crocodiles.

The wildlife rescue group posted photos of the capture to its Facebook page. Rescuers were seen sitting on top of the beast to keep it under control. Another photo showed six people lifting the gator into the back of a truck.

"It was quite a catch," Gleason said. "It took about four or five of us to get him on the truck. He even peeled my skin a bit from sliding down my arm. He was ridiculously strong."

People on Facebook thanked the animal rescuers for their efforts.

One Facebook comment read, “Thank you for relocating this beauty! It's ignorant & abusive throwing things at wildlife, but inexperienced people shouldn't feed them, either. So glad he's somewhere safe now! ❤️😊🐊"

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