Bodybuilder marries sex doll

The Kazakhstani man can now say "my wife" in Borat voice.
Bordoll is Germany's first brothel to specialize in sex dolls. It currently offers 13 female dolls and one male doll and will soon be expanding its female line-up.
Photo credit Lukas Schulze/ Getty Images

I'm pretty sure this is a ploy for clicks, but I'll take the bait. Yuri Tolochko, an athlete from Kazakhstan married a love doll. Judging by his NSFW Instagram account, he posts a lot of attention-seeking content.

His most recent stunt is marrying his "girlfriend" of eight months, Margo. There are photos and videos of the couple on various adventures and even in the tub together. He adamantly uses the hashtag #happywifehappylife. Let your freak flag fly, Yuri.