Gambling Sites Are Taking Bets on How Many People Get COVID-19


Would you put down money to guess how many people get coronavirus?

Illegal gambling sites are taking bets on how many people contract COVID-19 each day, reported the New York Post.

The sites are including various options to bet on figures, including whether each day’s increase in numbers is more than the previous day. Singapore’s The New Paper reported that at least five states are offering this.

Dr. Munidasa Winslow, a psychiatrist, said even if it means gambling on people’s lives, people will make a bet if someone is willing to accept.

“Betting on the number of daily COVID-19 cases is dark, but in the mind of a gambler, it’s just another avenue for what they claim is a game of skill,” Dr. Munidasa said.

Reports have shown that gambling has seen an increase during the worldwide quarantines. Dr. Adrian Wang said people still need their regular fix. He said gamblers who cannot be at the casino right now are just taking what is available for them now.

Cops have already been investigating these sites. Officers have been aware of the instances of gambling over the number of daily COVID-19 cases. Law enforcement is currently looking into this.

As of April 15, the United States currently has 636,350 cases of coronavirus.

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