How Mars and the Moon Could Become Your Next Neighborhood


Nuclear power plants could make Mars and the moon people’s next neighborhood.

The New York Post reported that the Energy Department wants the private sector to build nuclear power plants that would allow humans to live in the harsh conditions on Mars and the moon — all within the next 10 years.

Researchers say the target date is the end of 2026.

Scientists and officials from NASA and the Idaho National Laboratory will access the ideas and decide on a company to work with for the study.

Scientists will first create a reactor design before building two prototypes (one for testing and one to go to the moon). The building phase also consists of designing a flight system and lander to transport the reactor.

Some scientists and researchers have expressed concern over this project. Some say that they are worried about the reactors that use uranium, which is also used for nuclear weapons.

“This may drive or start an international space race to build and deploy new types of reactors requiring highly enriched uranium,” a spokesperson said.

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