Jeff Bezos Drops $16 Million on NYC Condo, His 4th in Same Building


Four homes are better than one.

Jeff Bezos has taken a portion of his billions and purchased a new $16 million condo in New York City.

While a huge chunk of change for mere mortals, it’s just a drop in the bucket of the richest man in the world.

The Amazon CEO already owns three other apartments in the Manhattan building, which he swooped up last year for a combined total of $80 million.

Bezos’ new 3-bedroom apartment is on the 20th floor and measures approximately 3,000 square feet, according to TMZ.

His latest acquisition sits in the middle of his three other properties in the luxury complex.

Directly upstairs is the three-story, 5-bedroom, 5-½ bathroom, 10,000 square foot penthouse Bezos picked up for $58 million. Below sit two adjacent apartments, which the tech titan bought for $22 million, according to the New York Post.

The plan is to combine all four to make for one enormous Big Apple compound.

While he’s applied for the building permits, construction work to join the four residences have yet to commence, reported the outlet.

Bezos' New York home will soon rival his West Coast digs. Earlier this year, he dropped $165 million on fellow mogul David Geffen's Beverly Hills estate.

Bezos recently saw a huge bump in his wealth as he’s one of the few billionaires to get richer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last four months, his fortune has increased by roughly 20% to a staggering $138 billion, reported Business Insider.

Last month, Amazon announced it would be hiring 100,000 full and part-time employees to address the demand for goods and services in response to the spread of COVID-19.

Since then, the company revealed they would be adding another 75,000 jobs to their workforce.

Amazon has also received some backlash for reportedly firing several employees for publicly criticizing the company’s treatment of workers.

In response, the company issued a statement clarifying their stance.

"We support every employee's right to criticize their employer's working conditions, but that does not come with blanket immunity against any and all internal policies,” the company said. “We terminated these employees for repeatedly violating internal policies."

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