Nurse contracts COVID after vaccine appointment was delayed


When the state of Arizona received its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines, Nicole Koller knew she wanted to get vaccinated.

The 47-year-old traveling nurse instantly filled out an online “pre-screening survey” and figured that she and other health officials at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix would be the first to get vaccinated, the Daily Beast reported.

While the United States has seen complications over vaccine distribution, Koller was allegedly told that she would have to wait up to six weeks because of a “computer glitch.”

The Maricopa County Health Department told Koller that she could receive the vaccine on December 28, nearly two weeks after applying.

RADIO.COM reached out to a representative at Banner University Medical Center for comment and received no answer.

Unfortunately, the nurse said shortly after, she tested positive for COVID-19.

“If I had gotten my vaccine a week before, my outcome could have been different,” Koller said. “Maybe not, but I wonder about it.”

On January 1, Koller was exhausted but still reported for duty at a COVID unit. Koller said her patients included a man who was not wearing a mask.

“He had some very choice words about putting on a mask, ” Koller recalled. “He said it’s his room and he shouldn’t have to wear a mask in his room. I said, 'Hey, you’re protecting yourself as well as me.'”

While the nurse felt fatigued during her shift, she also broke out in a cold sweat.
“I was drenched,” Koller said.

Koller tested positive and explained how she doesn’t understand how the distribution of the vaccine works across the nation.

“They should be constantly giving vaccine out, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until it’s gone,” she added. “I just don’t understand why that isn’t happening already.”

Koller also shared that she doesn’t understand why Americans can pretend everything is great when so many people are dying. She said people should continue to wash their hands, social distance, and wear face masks.

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