These are the worst baby name trends of 2020


Choosing a name for your child can be a lot of pressure.

Some people prefer to stick to traditional names, while others opt for unique names.

There’s really no right or wrong answer, but some names fare better than others. released its top baby names for 2020 with Amelia/Emelia taking the top spot for girls and Oliver for boys.

Other popular names included Charlotte, Aurora, Violet, and Olivia/Alivia for girls. For boys, top names included Liam, Theodore, Ethan, Aidan/Aiden.

However, compiled a different kind of list… the worst baby names of 2020 – and yes, pandemic-inspired names definitely made the cut.

These are the name trends to avoid this year, according to the outlet.

COVID-related Names
Why would you want your child to become a walking reminder of a pandemic-plagued year. Everyone is eager to forget 2020. Therefore, the outlet advises against naming kids Corona or Covid. Though, we already know there is at least one set of twins bearing those very names.

Creative Spellings
The outlet frowns upon baby names with strange spellings. It noted that names like  Emmarie (Emory), Jaxen/Jaxson (Jackson), Mayson (Mason), and Emilee (Emily) were trending down this year.

“Game of Thrones” Names
Sorry, “GOT” fans, but names like Khaleesi and Yara, which skyrocketed in popularity when the show was in its prime, are no longer ranking as high. However, Arya (and Aria) continues to rise on the charts.

K Names
“K” names became popular thanks to Kardashians, which even led to an increase of names being spelled with a K that typically aren’t. The outlet notes that it’s about time for names like Konnor, Kamden, Kadence, Kassidy, and Karson to get back to being spelled with a “C.”

Brand Names
The outlet advises against naming your kid after products, no matter how much you love them. This includes names inspired by luxurious cars such as “Lexus” and handbags like “Chanel.”

Misspelled Words
Word names have risen in popularity over the years, but the outlet suggests sticking to the correct spellings of word names with Journey trumping Jurnee, Denim instead of Denym, and Heaven over Heavyn.

Names That Put Pressure on Your Kids
Names like Princess and Wonder aren’t out of the ordinary, but the publication thinks they put unnecessary pressure on your kids. They also suggest reconsidering names like Kingmessiah and Marvelous.

You can take all these notes into consideration, but just remember that at the end of the day, it’s your choice what you name your child.

All that matters is that you like the name you’ve picked!

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