Hoda Kotb Left Speechless When Her 'Today' Dream Guest Is Confirmed


Hoda Kotb’s biggest wish just came true.

On Tuesday’s episode of the "Today Show with Hoda and Jenna," the host got the surprise of a lifetime from co-host Jenna Bush Hager.

Kotb was floored to find out that the upcoming guest on “Hoda & Jenna & Friends” is talk show queen Oprah Winfrey.

As Kotb and  Bush Hager unveiled their 2020 dream board, which featured having Winfrey on the show, a “surprise box” was brought out.

The box featured a remote with the instructions to press play, which Kotb did.

“Hoda, it is going to happen this year,” Winfrey promised Kotb in the video from Florida where she was joined by Bush Hager.

Well, Oprah finally made it happen, as Bush Hager revealed that Oprah is coming to the studio on Friday.

“What?!” Kotb explained enthusiastically as crew members popped out wearing “O-P-R-A-H” t-shirts.

“Wait, this Friday?” a shocked Kotb asked before grabbing the “O” shirt and throwing it on.

“She is going to be in our studio for our second show,” Bush Hager clarified. “We have Oprah as one of our very first guests.”

She went on to explain: “Okay, so as you know, her 2020 vision tour is all about wellness, so we are filling the audience with people who want to share in this journey that may not be able to see her on tour. They are coming to see her here,” Bush Hager said.

Kotb was left speechless and said she needed “a minute.”

“The fact that we are going to have a studio audience Thursday is enough to blow our minds,“ she added before Bush Hager jumped in, “And then the second day is Oprah!”

Kotb said she would wear her Oprah t-shirt all day long as a reminder that “when you really do wish and hope and pray for something, it happens.”

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