Viral map shows every state's favorite Thanksgiving side item


With Halloween now over, many have turned their attention to the next upcoming major holiday — Thanksgiving.

A beloved holiday for the meals that come with it, some wait year-round for their favorite Thanksgiving food item. Now, a map has gone viral showing each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side item.

The survey was conducted by Zippia, using Google trends to find which Thanksgiving side item each state was searching the most, reports Yahoo!

According to the map, the favorite side item in Texas is green bean casserole. Across the country it seems mashed potatoes are the most popular choice.

Some other items named as a state’s favorite include: mac and cheese, rolls, biscuits, cream corn, stuffing and gravy.

Sadly, unlike most of these viral holiday food maps, there weren’t any strange items beloved by a particular state.

When it comes to Thanksgiving; the classics can’t be beat.

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