We Need This Billie Eilish Action Figure Immediately


We already know that Billie Eilish is a superhero. In case that needed any further justification, her status was just cemented in one of the most official ways possible. Her very own action figure.

Billie teamed up with Playmates Toys and Bravado to create a line of action figures based on her music.  The first two action figures are based on the music videos for her hit songs “Bad Guy” and “All The Good Girls Go To Hell.”

Her “Bad Guy” figurine stands at 10.5 inches tall and is a mirror image for how she looked in the music video. Billie is dressed in her signature yellow outfit, a hoodie, pants, and yellow sneakers. The box that the action figure comes in transforms into a dioramic display.

The “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” action figure is also based on the music video and stands at six inches tall. Billie is dressed in all black and the figurine features three pivot point wings that are attached to her shoulders. Like the “Bad Guy” action figure, this toy comes in a box that transforms into a dioramic display.

Both dolls are available to pre-order on her website now and will be released on October 15.

While the news of her new action figure line is certainly exciting, fans likely won’t be getting a new album from her until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

In a recent interview, FINNEAS provided a pretty reasonable explanation for why they aren’t going to release an album while the pandemic is still going on.

“Billie’s album, and my album, they won’t be a bummer COVID record,” he said. “I have a desperate desire not to release them during COVID-19. It’s the vaccine record! I want it to be the album everyone’s out dancing in the streets to.”

The good news is the duo has been hard at work on their next albums and fans won’t have to wait too long to hear them once the pandemic ends.

“Billie and I are full steam ahead on her next record, I’m working on my own album too. I haven’t suffered at all because of my set-up,” FINNEAS said.

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