Vanilla Ice Cancels Texas Concert After Pushback Over Coronavirus Concerns

The event received immense backlash on social media

Despite a surge in COVID-19 cases in Texas, Vanilla Ice was set to perform a concert in Austin on July 3. Now, he's called off the show.

“Basically, I’m not going. I listened to my fans," Ice shared on Twitter. "I hear all you people out there. I didn’t know the numbers were so crazy in Austin. But we were hoping that it would be better by the 4th of July because we booked this concert a long time ago. So basically we just want to stay safe. You know, we do take it serious… We were just hoping for a good time on the 4th of July weekend, but it turned into be a big focal point on me, and it’s not about that. So anyway, happy 4th of July, and hopefully by New Year’s this corona crap will have a cure.”

The concert was set to take place at the Emerald Point Bar & Grill. The venue offered to have a capacity of 2,500 people for this event, down from its normal 4,000 person capacity.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order last Friday closing all bars and placing restrictions on gatherings at restaurants. The Austin Chronicle pointed out a loophole in the order that is allowing the concert to take place. The business is categorized as a restaurant because at least 51% of its sales come from food. While Gov. Abbot’s order shut down bars, it reduced restaurant capacity to 50%

“I take the coronavirus serious. But we can’t live in a bubble,” Vanilla wrote on Twitter.

“I think at this point we all understand the severity of it. practice social distancing and wear a mask. This is an outside venue, Fourth of July on the lake with fireworks. Plenty of room for distancing.”

“The 90s were the best. We didn’t have coronavirus, or cell phones, or computers,” he captioned an Instagram post earlier this week.

“We had 5.0‘s, blockbuster, Beavis and Butthead, Wayne’s world, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. And Mortal Kombat is still better than fortnight but we got out of the house, We danced, we invented house parties in the 90s. The last of the great decades.”

Predictably, the event has received immense backlash on social media.

“Imagine living through WWII and Vietnam then dying because your grandkids went to a Vanilla Ice concert in 2020,” comedian Fred Delicious wrote.

It appears nobody will "collaborate and listen" with Vanilla Ice this weekend.

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