Walgreens Sign Goes Viral After Someone Changed It to 'Algreens' With Photo of Singer

By 100.3 Jack FM

For many businesses, name recognition is everything.

While the internet is full of hilarious examples of shop names being altered to read something else, most businesses want to avoid this at all cost.

However, Walgreens may want to think about a name change, as photos of the “W” in their signs being covered with images of singer Al Green have gone viral, and people love it.

The 74-year-old "Let's Stay Together" singer appeared to get get a kick out of the situation too and tweeted an image of one of the signs with the caption, "Who did this?"

As seen in the viral photos, images of Al Green are taped over the first letter in Walgreens, in order for the sign to read “algreens.”

The recent prank was apparently done in Pennsylvania by a street artist and graphic designer named Cassius King, reported the New York Daily News. Quickly many others took to their local Walgreens to do the same.

Apparently this spelling error had been made before, as some on social media pointed out older images of Walgreens signs with the “W” missing.

While Walgreens seems to be keeping their name, some are hoping this leads to some sort of partnership with Green in the future. This can hopefully lead to tons of Al Green's music being played throughout the chain's outlets around the country.

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