Appliance and parts shortage felt by KC customers and shops

rows of refrigerators in appliance store
Photo credit Serghei Starus / Getty

Kansas City, MO -  Meat, coins, and now... appliances? The latest 'thing' to go short in 2020 are appliances and parts to repair them.

A nationwide appliance and parts shortage has retailers and repair shops scrambling to meet demand.

Brian Pippen owns Appliance Care Company in Belton, Missouri and says he's had customers waiting for months for parts and for new appliances.

‘When we see zeros all the way down the board, and it says out of stock, we already know it’s on a national backorder," says Pippen.

As Pippen understands it, the shortage is happening because ports are closed or reduced in activity due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is keeping cargo ships from China and Korea waiting offshore. 

“We have stacks and stacks of customers that are waiting for parts to be delivered to us that are on a national backorder and only God knows when we’re going to receive them," says Pippen.

So now is not a good time for the freezer to conk out.

Pippen says it’s imperative to keep your appliances working by frequently cleaning dust off the condenser coils on your refrigerators and by having your appliances serviced regularly.