Family vacations make a lasting impact

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Kansas City, MO - Memories are the one thing that your kids will carry with them when they leave the nest. Instead of putting money towards that next video game or those expensive shoes, experts say you're better off spending money on a vacation. Kathy Sudeikis with Acendas Travel says it's worth the effort. 

"It's about creating family memories, now days, and that's so much more important than things," explains Sudeikis.

She says traveling with your kids gives them a leg up on understanding cultures and the world around them. She suggests visiting capitals around the country with your children.

"New York City, and L.A., or San Francisco, but mostly New York City. Just to see the pace and the world at your feet and all the excitement that ensues," says Sudeikis.

If your looking for a weekend trip close to home, she suggests Branson, Silver Dollar City, or maybe try taking the train to Chicago. 

Sudeikis advises letting the kids be a part of the planning. You can include them by giving each child their own day. She says they feel invested and the stress is less on Mom and Dad.