A small town coffee shop is giving youth a place to gather

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Photo credit 133 Coffee

Baldwin City, KS - The small Kansas town has been lacking in gathering spots for youth in the community,  according to 133 Coffee co-owner, Maggie Swanson. 

She says they started the shop in hopes of providing a space for young people in the area to gather and build community.

The name is inspired by the house Swanson grew up in. "It was a place where we met family and friend, everyone was welcomed there," she says. 

The logo for 133 Coffee is an ax in a log. It represents the time spent chopping wood to warm the families home. "It's what built our work ethic and ability to work together as a team," explains Swanson. 

Come summer, the coffee house plans to host outdoor projected movie nights, and live concerts to serve as an outlet for local musicians.

The coffee shop is partnered with Kansas City's Messenger Coffee. The have helped with the entire process, from finding the location, choosing the menu, staff training, and even providing their signature beans.

The menu is traditional, espresso based, black drip coffee, manual brew made by hand, and select pastries.