Wonder Wonder offers a new way to interact with art in OPKS

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Overland Park, KS - It's part art museum, part photo opportunity, and this experience is teaching guests a new way to interact with art.

Wonder Wonder is an art installation museum that brings in local KC Metro artists to create experiences, room by room for guests to explore. General manager Christine Lau says it's great for all ages. 

"It's part art installation, part impressive experience, and then part photo opportunity. It works like an art museum, so you pay for a general admission ticket and you can go through any and all of our 18 rooms," explains Lau. 

You're encouraged to take your time, savor the moment, and contemplate the illusion. Lau says it expands your mind and helps you look at ordinary things in a different way. 

Wonder Wonder offers a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their work, says Lau. 

"For them to have an instillation that people take pictures with, and it could go viral, and it could be a landmark thing." says Lau. "And so we like to have people create their product, but in a way that is sustainable for a photo booth."

It's perfect for "Insta-worthy" photo opportunities, and the installations rotate each month.

The folks behind Made in KC are the ones who came up with this creative concept.