KCMO waives two-bag limit on trash April 13-17

stacks of filled black trash bags
Photo credit Getty / islander11

Kansas City, MO -  The city is adding a special week of no-tags needed for extra bags of trash.  KCMO residents can put up to 12 bags on the curb April 13-17.

The city usually has two trash bag 'amnesty' weeks - after the 4th of July holiday, and after Christmas. Typically these holidays generate more residential trash.

This special week is being added due to the cancellations of several neighborhood clean-ups due to the emergency Stay-at-Home order prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

And with non-essential worksites closed and schools shuttered,  there are a lot more people staying home.

"We do understand there are some that will generate more trash," says KCMO solid waste manager Michael Shaw. "And hopefully this amnesty April 13th through the 17th can be a benefit to these families."

For the amnesty week regular trash rules apply. No hazardous waste, bulky items or leaf and brush will be collected.

Sanitation workers are considered essential and the workers don’t get to stay home.

Shaw says it’s a challenge - having to deal with the trash and keep clean and free of the virus. 

He says they're keeping "vigilant and hyper focused on employee safety as well as providing this service."

Shaw says not only are several office-type workers doing their job from home, they've staggered work start times to minimize contact and follow social distancing guidelines.  Also, Shaw says they’re sanitizing often - people and the equipment.