KC art and design firm builds brands from the ground up

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Photo credit Carpenter Collective

Kansas City, MO - You've seen their art - at Boulevard Brewing Company, Spin! Pizza, on your Sonic cup, and even at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And it was designed right here in Kansas City. 

Campaigns created by the artists at Carpenter Collective are everywhere, and cofounder Tad Carpenter says that originality and innovation have set his firm apart from the pack. 

"I like to think that we have somewhat of a clear, creative voice that's coming from us," Carpenter said. "I think it's authentic and I think it's innovative and creative, and I think there's a lot of passion behind who we are."

Carpenter knew he would be an artist from a young age. His father designed for Hallmark for more than 40 years, and as a young boy, it seemed that everyone he met came from the world of art and design. 

"Most of my dad's friends were all artists as well, and I sort of thought that everyone was an artist when I was growing up," Carpenter said. 

Carpenter says that to him, the worlds of fine art and commercial art are one in the same - creating a brand is essential in the digital age, whether you're a company...or an artist...trying to make your mark. Either way, he offered this advice: stay true to your vision, and never give up.