KCK fire stations dangerous and uninhabitable, union says

Firefighters standing inside station in Kansas City, Kansas
Photo credit Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department

Kansas City, KS - Unified Government Commissioners in Wyandotte County have been told some of the fire stations are not livable.

Fifteen of the 18 fire stations in the county do not meet the city's codes, according to the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 64, which delivered the report to the commission's public safety committee.

Animals are reportedly living in an attic in a station at 51st Street and Gibbs Road.

The problem has worsened in the past few months, said Bob Wing, IAFF local business manager.

"We have identified mold in several stations," Wing said. "One station specifically has some structural problems where, without exaggeration, the roof could cave in on it."

If the stations were private residences, code inspectors would already have boarded them up, Wing said. 

The union expects its concerns to be presented before the full county commission soon. 

"These are city buildings where people live in them 24/7, and frankly, nothing's being done," Wing said.