Lots of mail floods the Noel, Missouri post office during the holidays

A man holds a stack of packages that obscure his face
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Kansas City, MO - A post office in a small Missouri town gets more than a typical surge of mail and packages during the holidays.  The town is Noel.

Tens of thousands of people sending thousands of cards, letters and parcels to the town in order to get a 'holiday' stamp from the post office. 

Lynn Howerton at the Noel post office says, "France, I believe we've had some from Norway, Scandanavian countries, so the ones that come from Europe are the ones that surprise me." 

'Noel' is a French version of the word 'christmas'.  And while we pronounce noel as 'noh-el', the fine folks in the town of 1,800 in southwest Missouri pronounce it 'nohl', as in 'coal'.  

But, there's no coal in the stocking here. 

In addition to a Noel postmark, each piece of mail is stamped with a wreath, a Christmas tree, and the city's name. 

Volunteers process roughly 50,000 pieces of mail from out of town each Christmas.