Saturday night cruisin' is back in Kansas City thanks to the pandemic

People ride in a classic car during a cruise on Noland Road in Independence, MO
Photo credit William Johnson / Johnsons Lifescape Photography
Independence, MO - It's like an old-fashioned Saturday night in the Kansas City Metro.  Cars and drivers lined up, showing off their engines, their chrome, and just cruisin' up and down the drag.

For some it seems like there's not much else to do these days with all of our modern entertainments and venues closed down by the pandemic.  So, Steve Trimble decided to go old school. 

“We’re just dustin’ off the old muscle cars and classic cars," says Trimble, who used to organize Noland Road cruises back in the day.

Now, Trimble and many others have dusted off an age-old tradition and updated it for this new pandemic era, calling out car enthusiasts on Facebook to come join the Quarantined Cruisers of Noland Road.

As it reads in the group's About section: "Bringing back the social life at a distance. Showing off those rides and reliving the good old days. Show these Youngsters how we did it before (the) iPhone." 

The cover photo above is by William Johnson/Johnson Lifescape Photography. Check out more of his photos here:


Trimble says he organized these gatherings partly to break the quarantine fatigue. And to also encourage street racers to ease off the gas and just cruise...

These Saturday night cruises show that something old can be new again. And cool. Or... fire. Or... whatever the youngsters say now to express awesomeness.

“It’s a rare opportunity for these kids to be able to see all these classic cars and appreciate them," says Trimble. "And to try to find something, you know, that’s not an electronic device to keep them entertained.”


The Noland Road quarantine cruisin' has quickly became quite popular.  

Trimble says they're considering finding a larger place to gather in case they grow too large.

So, nothing to do on Saturday night? Why not take in a good ol' fashioned cruise up and down the boulevard.