Study: Missouri is bad for business largely due to harsh legal climate in St. Louis County

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released a survey on Lawsuit fairness, and Missouri ranks in the bottom 10 at number 44.

That's up over the last few years from 49. The reason: Chief Operating Officer for the US Chamber Harold Kim told KMBZ St. Louis is one of the top hostile jurisdictions in the U.S. for businesses. 

"Given the enormous verdicts that have come out of there, certainly the talcum powder case against Johnson and Johnson," Kim said. "That was a $4.7 billion verdict that came out."

That doesn't look good for Missouri, considering 89 percent of business owners care about the legal climate. 

"Companies, when they look at hostile territory in terms of legal climate, can always make business decisions based on that particular perception," Kim said. 

That comes down to important business decisions such as relocation, creating jobs, or where to invest. Kim says changes need to be made starting with capping punitive damages and looking at the Merchandising Practices Act.