Symphony in the Flint Hills to make its triumphant return to Kansas

The Flint Hills of Kansas
Photo credit Brent_1 / Getty Images Plus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In the past, tickets to the Symphony in the Flint Hills have sold out nearly instantly, and tickets to this year's show go on sale this week.

The idea started years ago with a woman who lived in the Flint Hills who invited a few members of the Kansas City Symphony to come perform at her birthday party. The response was much larger than she expected. Leslie VonHolten, Executive Director of the Symphony in the Flint Hills told KMBZ that from there, the annual event was born.

"It's on a private ranch, and it's a concert with the Kansas City Symphony," VonHolten said. "This year our special guest artist is banjo player Béla Fleck."

It's an all day, truly Kansas event, with a variety of activities, leading up to the performance at sunset.

"Afterward, we invite people to stay on site with us," VonHolten said. "We have a dance band afterwards, we have stargazing, and we have a very popular story circle, which features cowboy poets."

VonHolten explained that during the day they will have an education pavilion with inspirational talks, prairie walks, and a stone demonstration, highlighting this year's theme, and the stone that made the Flint Hills what they are today.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 7 at 10:00 a.m., and are available on the event's website.